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Introducing CIPI: Help us make the world a better place…

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ThinkPlace is really excited to be launching CIPI: The Community for Innovation and Public Impact. And we would love you to be a part of it.

For more than a decade we’ve used our unique methodology to tackle the world’s most complex problems, taking a human-centred approach to creating positive change. We were recently named Social Change Maker of the Year in the Telstra Australian Business Awards. Now we want to share that expertise with you.


CIPI banner for ThinkPlace


What is CIPI?

CIPI is a genuine community of people who are working to create positive change in the world. It spans across Government organisations, NGO’s and innovative businesses.

It seeks to bring together those who are working to improve people’s lives and create positive impact at a systems level.

The makers and the doers who are putting people at the heart of their design process. Driving new processes, new organisation structures, new ways of delivering services, new public health interventions…

Why join CIPI?

As a member of CIPI you won’t be subjected to endless spam about things that don’t interest you.



John Fowlie, CIPI
Darren Menachemson and Rodger Watson, CIPI

You will receive:

Invitations to events

We’ll be running innovative salons and other events. Hear thought-leading speakers talk about big ideas at the frontiers of design, policy making, digital transformation and public governance.

Preferential registration

Get early notification of new public good courses, and receive cheaper-than-early-bird discounts.

Executive briefings

Stay up-to-date with news, case studies and leading thinking happening around the world.

Stay connected

Be part of a community, and connect with peers in Australia and around the world. Share your experiences and learn from those of others.