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Sustainable Development Goals

ThinkPlace has adopted the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals as our guiding principles. These 17 goals aim to advance global development in a way that creates better lives for the people of the world without causing damage to the environment, to other people or to civic institutions.

Each project that ThinkPlace embarks upon, and each client we collaborate with, is first screened to ensure that it will not cause harm and will advance the Sustainable Development Goals.

ThinkPlace aims to assemble a portfolio of projects that 'moves the needle' on each of the 17 goals.

As part of this commitment, we have also signed up to the United Nations Global Compact. The compact brings together a group of global companies who share and demonstate a strong commitment to creating a better world and to doing it via the Sustainable Development Goals.

Each company must submit an annual report - to be published on the UN website - that details how it is acting to advance the sustainable development agenda. This involves reporting on 10 principles across the areas of Environmental responsibility, human rights, anti-corruption, and fair and free labour markets.


ThinkPlace UN COP Report 2019

ThinkPlace 2019 UN Global Compact Communication On Progress Report


ThinkPlace UN COP Report 2018


ThinkPlace UN COP Report