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Over the past decade, ThinkPlace has worked alongside amazing and courageous people who are striving to transform experiences for citizens. As we've walked the journey with them, we've learned about the behaviours, mindsets, skills and tools required to achieve lasting impact. This knowledge has been developed from working across an extensive range of clients and sectors. By combining this with our deep design expertise and our skills in building capability, has enabled us to create ThinkDesign - our education platform. 

ThinkDesign's range of education experiences have been created to develop your human-centred design and systems thinking capability. Our focus is on practical and grounded capability development that gives you the confidence to apply what you’ve learned at a personal and organisational level.

We draw on ThinkPlace’s international expertise, connecting you with world-class coaches from the business, public sector and design world. We do this through mastery of human-centred innovation for complex systems, and leveraging our technical and domain expertise. We are specialists in collaborative human-centred design, innovation and complex system transformation and visualisation.

The ThinkDesign platform is currently only available in New Zealand. Our studios in Australia, Singapore and Kenya offer a range of education experiences. To explore further, get in touch with the studio leads via our contact page. 

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