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A-Lab Co-Design Design Strategy

Celebrating good design: the 2017 Good Design Awards

The Good Design Awards are the most prestigious awards for design, creativity and innovation in Australia. Dating back to 1958, the awards endorse good design across a wide range of disciplines, increasingly including public service design and social innovation.

The 2017 Good Design Awards received over 400 entries in more than 30 categories. Only 244 entries were recognised as Good Design Selections, and entered as finalists for the coveted Australian Good Design Award. The 2017 Awards ceremony was held on 8 June in Sydney and was attended by the ThinkPlace partners.

Two ThinkPlace flagship projects were awarded Good Design Selection recognition and competed for the top prize. This was the first year we have shared our work with a judging panel of international design experts. Their recognition was a strong endorsement of our co-design approach with governments, industry bodies and community organisations.

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Darren Menachemson
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John Body
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Nina Terrey
Good Design Awards 2017

Our A-Lab project, a partnership with the Australian Renewable Energy Agency and several other organisations, was recognised as the Good Design Selection in the Design Strategy category. A-Lab is a first within the electricity sector, providing an inclusive, collaborative space to develop new ways of increasing use of renewable energy. The project was given a special mention during the awards ceremony, showing the judge’s recognition of this important area of design to our future.

It’s Your Move, a ThinkPlace collaboration with the ACT Government, was also awarded the Good Design Selection in the Service Design, Education Services category.

We were very happy to see the Good Design Award of the Year being given to the Game of Awesome, a card game which inspires year 5 to 8 students to write creative stories and improve their literacy. The game, created by digital design agency Chrometoaster with the New Zealand Ministry of Education, was developed through co-design with students, resulting in a fun set of writing prompts in the creative language of kids.

ThinkPlace was excited to be involved in the 2017 Good Design Awards. It was rewarding to be recognised by a community which emphasises the value of good design. We were very happy to see the highest recognition being given to a co-design project which benefits New Zealand children. The awards reaffirmed that great design is about making social change for the better.