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Nasi Lemak is a popular Singaporean dish

Chewing over the future of food for Singapore Design Week...

Nothing bonds (or sometimes divides) Singaporeans like our food. As a nation rich in foodies, across cuisines, tastes and spice-levels, and in an era of convenience stores, hawker delivery and tech grocery stores, it’s easy to think of our nationally adored food culture as one of infinite possibilities.

Yet with the growing pressures of climate change and our dependence on food imports, we need to think about how our relationship with food may need to change in the future.

With everything from avocadoes to chocolate, coffee to bananas being threatened, it might be time to consider the future of everyday nutrition. That's the focus of an event ThinkPlace is running as part of Singapore Design Week, 2019.

Food is important in Singapore
Whether it's at home or at a hawker stall, Singaporeans love their food.

In order to collaboratively create an action plan for the future of food, some of the questions we’ll tackle are; how might we create greater awareness on depleting food sources? How might we provide nutritious and affordable food to vulnerable groups in our society? How might we ensure access to sufficient healthy food due to increasing threats to our food security?

We invite all foodies, food manufacturers, government officials, NGOs, farmers, producers, suppliers and institutions to join us for a experiential design workshop aimed at exploring and examining Singapore’s food systems, the future of food security and innovation and to discuss the need to practice more mindful, sustainable consumption habits.

Our design week event will zoom into one of Singapore’s favourite dishes, Nasi Lemak, and trace each ingredient through an entire life cycle. From ingredient sourcing, the supply chain, to the Makcik who makes Nasi Lemak at the hawker centre, this workshop is intended to contextualise a local food favourite within larger trends in food security and climate change.

We’re hoping to have a variety of people attend, from Agritech innovators, food policy writers to foodies and those who feel very passionate about their favourite nasi lemak. It’s an opportunity to map out the local/global food network and the threats to that network, while also opening up to networking across industry in the hopes of future collaboration.

The lab will be held on March 7 at our Singapore studio: 797A North Bridge Road,

Those interested can sign up at:

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