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Design 2025 - Singapore by Design

Singapore Design Week is the biggest event in Singapore’s design calendar. This year’s event was also marked by the release of the Singapore government’s design master plan, Design 2025 – Singapore by Design, to take design in Singapore to new heights over the coming decade.

Of particular interest is the focus on improving the average citizen’s quality of life by incorporating design thinking in the development of living spaces, public services and government policies – all things we’re passionate about at ThinkPlace!

The master plan sets out five ambitious strategies over the next 10 years:

  • Nurturing design as a national competency
  • Promoting the adoption of design by and strengthening the design capabilities of business and government
  • Supporting design firms to grow and expand internationally
  • Bringing design closer to the community to co-create improved living experiences
  • Strengthening the Design Singapore brand both in Singapore and abroad.


Singapore has long recognised the value of design for growth and productivity in the economy. In his opening address at Singapore Design Week, Minister of Communications and Information Dr. Yaacob Ibrahim cited several local companies that have already successfully implemented design approaches, including FRANK by OCBC, a personalised banking experience for the millennial generation, as well as the food and beverage sector, which has embraced design to harness productivity gains.

While drivers like market share and manpower have long sparked the private sector’s interest in design, ThinkPlace is excited to be working with public sector agencies across government to apply design thinking to create policies, processes and services that are efficient, effective and a good experience for the people they seek to help.

We join with Minister Ibrahim in our excitement for the launch of Singapore by Design master plan, and its vision of making Singapore ‘an innovation-driven economy and a loveable city by 2025’.

Read Design 2025: Singapore by Design here.

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