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Design in the public sector map shows location of organisations using design to improve public services

Design in the Public Sector is on the map

Public sector work is becoming more complex and challenging. We see increased disillusionment with democracy and distrust of public institutions. Governments are facing wicked challenges—climate change, terrorism, a global refugee crisis—often with tightening budgets.

In this environment, we need new approaches to public services, policies and institutions. We need methods that work with limited resources and invite citizens to be part of solutions. Design thinking is one method that offers a way to make sense of complex public sector challenges.

Design in the Public Sector is a project that promotes design thinking in public organisations. Design thinking is a human-centred process for innovative problem-solving. It considers the needs of people and matches them to technical possibilities and effective policy solutions.

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Nina Terrey
Parliament House Australia
Design thinking can increase confidence in public institutions

Developed by Nesta and La 27e Région, project-based groups that focus on creative solutions for global challenges, Design in the Public Sector maps those organisations around the world using design to reshape work in the public sector.

Design in the Public Sector shows how widely design is being adopted to address public sector challenges . The project encourages us to explore how design thinking is improving the workings of governments and helping make better policy across the globe.

ThinkPlace is one of the organisations recognised on the Design in the Public Sector map. We are proud to be part of this global community, harnessing the power of design to make the world a better place.

Design thinking increases community engagement with governance and confidence in public institutions. It improves public sector outcomes by making them more focussed on communities and individual citizens. The Design in the Public Sector project graphically reflects this.