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ThinkPlace Asia: Our impact in 2017

In 2017, ThinkPlace worked with governments, businesses and not-for-profits across Asia to bring about change that has positively influenced people and the communities, economies and environments they are part of.

This year, we are measuring our success by impact, mapping our work to the global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The SDGs are 17 targets which UN member states have united around as a call to action to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity.

Here is a snapshot of the contribution we helped make this year towards the SDGs through human-centred design.

Photo collage
Some of the people we worked with, places we conducted research and prototypes we designed in 2017

Zero hunger

In partnership with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and food companies across Asia, we are working to break the cycle of stunting from malnutrition. With our partners, we are designing nutritious, tasty and affordable products for women, children and adolescent girls in Nepal, India and Indonesia by deeply understanding the lifestyles, values and aspirations of these often-ignored consumers and the complex food systems that surround them.


What do you hope for in your senior years – and how can your home support this lifestyle? Working with a leading Singapore social enterprise, we designed and prototyped a silver space + service concept that supports Singaporeans to enjoy a hassle-free retirement, with peace of mind that they can age in place with independence and dignity.


While many of us are thinking about the rise of AI and robotics and what it means for our jobs and our lives, there are many who are already struggling in the age of smart phones and internet. We designed new initiatives with the Singapore Government to support adults to engage with technology out of love – to connect with their family, to enhance their hobbies and participate in their communities – rather than of out of fear of losing their job or of being left behind in a fast-changing world.

Singapore is no longer a country that people can’t find on a map; it’s an international destination and the gateway to Asia. With a vibrant urban lifestyle, stable business environment and a highly-skilled workforce, it’s also a great place to do business. We worked with the Singapore Government to understand the needs of businesses in Singapore and design a new approach to supporting economic growth through good jobs, innovation and productivity


 Tax is one of two certainties in life but, while it’s inevitable, it shouldn’t be painful. Working with the Singapore Government, we designed a new approach to industrial property tax that provides greater clarity for businesses about what property tax is and how it’s calculated and greater certainty so that they can plan ahead and budget to avoid being caught unawares when moving to a new premises.