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ThinkPlace designers share big ideas with TEDxCanberra

At ThinkPlace, we love sharing ideas. We are just as excited hearing others’ new concepts as we are to share thoughts of our own. Thinking globally while engaging locally is part of our designers’ journeys to make the world a better place.

Two ThinkPlacers recently presented ways to create better futures at local TEDx events. TED is a nonprofit organisation dedicated to spreading ideas. Beginning as a Technology, Entertainment and Design conference in 1984, TED events now take place globally and involve short talks on almost all topics.

TEDx programs mirror the TED experience in local, self-organised forums. TEDxCanberra hosts a series of events in the Australian Capital Territory, run by a small team of dedicated volunteers.

Darren Menachemson talking at TEDxCanberra Salon
ThinkPlacers love sharing ideas

The importance of human stories in design

Darren Menachemson works to reimagine large, public systems like health or social services. He uses design thinking and system-level approaches to drive innovation and reform in the design of policy, services and digital technology. As a ThinkPlace partner, Darren heads our digital design and international development labs.

Earlier this year, Darren spoke at the TEDxCanberraSalon event titled Designing the Future.

Darren reminded us that we live in exciting times, full of possibility. Technologies offer much promise for improving our lives. This is an age of unprecedented data, artificial intelligence, connectivity and new models of design.

But if we focus solely on the the numbers and ignore human stories we risk unintended consequences and perverse outcomes. Through two examples—one good, one not so good—Darren discusses how we can design for the good of society.



The potential of gamification

Kerstin Oberprieler is passionate about empowering people to create meaningful change, particularly through a focus on behaviours and disruptive technologies. She is pioneering how gamification—the use of game mechanics and experience design to engage users and solve real world problems—can be applied to improve performance and culture in organisations.

At TEDxCanberra2017, Kerstin asked us to imagine a world that has more fun in it. She spoke about how how gamification can nudge our behaviour, both individually and collectively, to achieve great things and address the critical problems we face today.



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