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Design for Public Good

Design thinking is a powerful tool for creating or improving policy, programs, services and digital experiences. ThinkPlace’s Design for Public Good course will give you leading theory and hands-on experience to accelerate your understanding and your practice of design thinking for public impact.



What you'll learn:

  • What is a design thinking mindset and how is it different?

  • How design thinking can be used to design better government policy, programs, services and digital experiences

  • How to conduct and synthesise user research to build an evidence base for your design process

  • How to map user journeys, to make the user’s experience and pain points visible

  • Capturing story-based requirements using Harvard’s JTBD framework

  • Ideation approaches to generate breakthrough concepts and models

  • Prototyping approaches to make designs tangible and testable early, allowing iterative improvement

  • How to make your design thinking process relentlessly ethical

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$800 per person

One day
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