Food, agriculture & biosecurity

Biosecurity, agriculture and and nutrition face both well-understood and emerging challenges. But, these challenges are increasingly being reframed as opportunities to create differentiated markets, enhanced food security and scaled-up sustainability.

Primary producers are seeking ways of reducing their carbon footprint, their ecological impact and their waste, to meet rising consciousness in every market for sustainability.

Farmers are rising to the challenge of, and in many cases setting new precedents for, environmental stewardship, enabled by progressive public programs that remove barriers and encourage sustainable practices.

Climate change and trade drivers are continuing to change the pest and disease threat environment, and biosecurity and market access are being enhanced accordingly. This is translating into new data-driven risk assessment, innovative regulatory models, traceability systems that make producer supply chains transparent.

Society is responding to disruptions in food security and nutrition, with NGOs, the private sector and government working both collaboratively and individually to explore new models for meeting the needs of populations in developing and emerging nations.

How we help

  • Future vision for your organisation, engaging decision-makers, staff, stakeholders, experts and communities at local, national or international levels to co-create the future and the roadmap for achieving it.
  • Sparking innovation, creating new strategies, models, programs, and interventions that change operating dynamics and that shift the equation towards sustainability.
  • Sustainability programs, to move your organisation to low-carbon, low-waste and pro-environmental operation.
  • Geospatially-enabled experiences, online or real-world, that create new spatial insights in areas like agricultural production and environmental impact, biosecurity risk and food security.
  • Transformation blueprinting, working with you to co-design digital and business transformations for your organisation or sector, and clearly articulate how the future will work, and the architecture that underpins it.
  • Data strategy and its implementation, creating new data assets and their exploitation to power research and actionable insights.


   And much more.

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