National and domestic security

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Security at home, at the border and internationally, is challenged every day by a complex and dynamic threat environment that is sometimes well-understood, sometimes emerging, and unclear.

Geopolitical risks and shifts, the rising effects of climate change, economic turbulence, increasingly sophisticated organised criminal networks and new cyber frontiers and frontlines are changing the defence, intelligence, and foreign affairs landscapes.

Community policing and management of the physical and digital borders require a wide spectrum of responses and proactive interventions, embracing the full mix from engagement to enforcement.

Critical Infrastructure Protection and Emergency management are challenging and challenged domains with a clear linkage to national security arising from the geopolitical risks and shifts we are experiencing in our region and globally.

Collaboration, integration, coordination and partnership are now irreplaceable strategies, and the data, intelligence and case management landscape is transforming to reflect this as an operational reality.

National and domestic security Impact Themes
RELATED National and domestic security GOALS

How we help

National and domestic security is a complex space, running to a high pace of change and with a need to collaborate in the interests of society – from the scale of the community to that of nations and regions.

At ThinkPlace we have established a dedicated National Security Practice spanning intelligence, law enforcement, critical infrastructure and emergency management with experienced consultants with contemporary knowledge and skills. We can help you co-design:

  • Business transformations, working to change underlying models and processes to improve intelligence flow and operational effectiveness
  • Strategic vision, bringing together decision-makers, specialists, government and industry partners and front-line experience to reimagine security
  • Digital and data capabilities, creating the digital tools and data assets needed to optimise operations from strategy and programs to the field and the frontline.
  • Disruptive exercises – from red-teaming to scenario pressure cookers, to reality-test strategy, operations and interventions and trigger intensive innovation
  • Cultural shifts, to build the readiness of new and experienced leaders and officers to take on new paradigms and challenges, and hold a different posture in the national security realm
  • Organisational blueprints, to define the new roles, structures and relationships that underpin major change and empower your people to achieve or enable profound outcomes for society


   And much more.

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