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Behaviour change

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ThinkPlace USA is growing: Welcome Brooke Barker...

ThinkPlace designer Brooke Barker in the field
United States

This will be fun.

It’s a great way of approaching any challenge and it’s a mindset that the newest member of the ThinkPlace USA studio makes her own.

“I take my work seriously but not myself and therefore I aim to approach challenges with a 'this will be fun' attitude and opportunistic outlook,” Brooke Barker says.

ThinkPlace USA is growing. After opening our first American studio in Washington DC earlier this year, we are adding our first American designer to the team.

Making sexual health consultation in Mozambique more patient-centric

Gaza province sees high rates of HIV and also unplanned and early pregnancy

Catalysing Behaviour Change in the Health System for Somali Women

Somali woman participating in ThinkPlace workshop

What we did at the Sommet Francophone pour le Changement Social et de Comportement

ThinkPlace at Francophone Social and Behaviour Conference

Can I buy this product?” 

The question came from a woman at the end of my presentation at the Sommet Francophone pour le Changement Social et de Comportement in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire. She was asking about a prototype I had just shown, that we developed for a project in Somalia and Somaliland.  

What we learned from the world-first Africa Social Behaviour Change Conference…

Michael Ngigi and Sarah Mpapuluu

It is the single idea driving so much of the positive impact being achieved across Africa and beyond in the current moment.  

Behaviour change.  

And it is an idea that is at the core of the work ThinkPlace is engaged in from Kenya to Cote D’Ivoire; from Mozambique to South Africa.  

A successful quit-smoking program for young Māori women

ThinkPlace New Zealand's quit-smoking project for young Māori women
New Zealand

A year of rapid change and growing impact: ThinkPlace and Africa 2018 and beyond

Eliot Duffy in Africa

In many ways Africa and its people are going through a period of dynamic transformation and rapid growth.

And we are growing alongside them.

The impact, scope and size of ThinkPlace Kenya has tripled in the last 12 months.

From our base in Nairobi we have worked across the continent and beyond with amazing partners and global leaders in areas like public health and international development.

We’re developing new methodologies and implementing innovative ways to drive the adoption of positive services, products and behaviours.

Our human-centred approach to protecting female sex workers claims a major design prize

Face of sex worker
United States

They are devastating numbers. Kenya has the fourth-largest HIV epidemic in the world, with a prevalence rate of six per cent. That means approximately 1.6 million Kenyans are living with HIV infection.

And female sex workers are one of the most affected groups.

Can you make an impact on HIV testing in West Africa in just three weeks?

Behaviour Change Communication Behavior Change Communication

Stemming HIV in Zimbabwe



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