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Need to kickstart your initiative’s high-level design?

The public service is implementing change in faster and faster cycles. New initiatives have never been more complex or integrated, and the imperative to co-design meaningfully has never been stronger.

Over a period of four weeks, ThinkPlace’s Blueprint Accelerator works with you to co-design the first pass of your new initiative’s blueprint, creating a level of clarity, alignment and momentum that will re-configure your program’s trajectory.

What happens during an Accelerator?

OThinkPlace’s multi-award-winning strategic design service will work with you to land the first pass of your high-level design. We’ll:

  • Develop a concise, well-articulated vision for your initiative and its impact

  • Capture the initiative’s strategic context, zooming out to convey the ‘Big Why’, then zooming in to communicate lived experience

  • Represent the initiative’s future business architecture – what business functions, like contact management, case management, compliance assessment/intervention or intelligence, need to be in place and how will they work?

  • Create a first-pass hypothesis of key future user experiences with visual journey maps for up to 8 user types

  • Define major products – like digital portals,  regulatory models or front-line workforces

  • Map out the initiative’s ecosystem of effect – who will play a role in the future operation being created?

  • Capture critical design questions that need to be answered through the rest of the design process

By the end of the Accelerator, you will have…


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