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Capability development

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How the gamification revolution is changing workplace culture

A connect four board game

Whether you are a medium-sized family company, a government agency or Amazon – the world’s largest brand - chances are you employ people.

And there are sometimes things that you want those people to do more of.

Important things.

Introducing CIPI: Our new community for change makers...

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How many times have you heard it?

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This is not that.

ThinkPlace is really excited to be launching CIPI: The Community for Innovation and Public Impact. And we would love you to be a part of it.

Gold medal culture: How to transform your workplace using these five tips from one of Australia's best swimming coaches

Gold Medal in a Swimming Race

Australia’s swimmers have known for ruling the pool during Commonwealth and Olympic games, for those of us who prefer to stay dry, what lessons can we learn from their string of world records?

‘Sink or swim’, ‘thrown in at the deep end’, the language of the pool can be a neat analogy for the stresses of the workplace. In both environments creating a winning team is crucial.

ThinkPlace Head of High Performance John Fowlie knows better than anybody what lessons can be transferred from the pool deck to the office floor.

Saving Lives Through Locally Designed Equipment

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