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Community engagement and co-design

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ThinkPlace wins gold at the Good design Awards

ThinkPlace has won awards for service design and social impact at the 2019 Australian Good design Awards

ThinkPlace has been awarded two prestigious “tick” trophies at the 2019 Australian Good Design Awards.

At an awards ceremony held in Sydney, the global design consultancy won a Good Design Award and a Gold Good Design Award for projects worked on by our Sydney and Melbourne studios.

An inclusive approach to placenaming in Victoria

Aboriginal people across Victoria were part of creating the Our Languages Matter project

Seeking out the edges for inclusive co-design

ThinkPlace NZ embarked on a trip to seek perspectives of co-design
New Zealand

Great co-design is inclusive. It makes an effort to find and include all of the people who will be affected by a program or service. And that means speaking to people who are often left out of design processes because they are harder to reach.

People on the periphery. People far from the centre.

That has long been our commitment at ThinkPlace but recently we’ve been asking ourselves a more nuanced question.

Meet Vibrant Communities Sector Lead - Natalie Coyles

Natalie Coyles, Vibrant Communities Sector Lead, ThinkPlace

Adopting the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals as our guiding purpose has absolutely transformed ThinkPlace and the work we do. But we wanted to go further.  

We wanted to know: How might we more consciously connect the SDGs with our everyday practice as designers, as changemakers and as employees of the company called ThinkPlace.

Human-centred approach to sexual health services for rural Tanzanian youth

ThinkPlace in collaboration with Marie Stopes Tanzania Family Planning Outreach programs

The unlimited potential of digital workshops...

The unlimited potential of digital workshops at ThinkPlace

We’ve all been there. The connection wobbles and drops out. Somebody’s mic is off. One participant has the wrong link. Another has unreliable WIFI.  

“Call them on their mobile; put them on loudspeaker…” 

Welcome to videoconference hell. 

A deep dive: Engaging with community on Norfolk Island

ThinkPlace designers Cybelle Ledez and Wai Ko on Norfolk Island

A successful quit-smoking program for young Māori women

ThinkPlace New Zealand's quit-smoking project for young Māori women
New Zealand

Most organisations aren't good at customer research. Here's why.

Customer discovery means asking the right questions
United States

It seems obvious but so many organisations don’t get it right. Why carry out customer discovery? Why do consumer research? 

It’s to ask customers what they want, right? 


Nine things I learned designing in Africa during 2018

Eliot Duffy from ThinkPlace with the local community in Africa

What is it like design thinking your way across Africa as a new member of ThinkPlace’s Kenya Studio? Eliot Duffy shares the lessons he’s learned in 2018.



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