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Complex human experience sensemaking

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Design is not neutral

Design is not neutral - Do Use Think Feel
New Zealand

It’s an idea that is devastatingly simple. Almost obvious. 

And yet too many of us forget it too much of the time. 

Design is not neutral.

As designers working with human-centred methods to create strategies, policies, projects and programs, we show up with a determination to create positive change, tackle complex challenges and help make the world a better place. 

Nine things I learned designing in Africa during 2018

Eliot Duffy from ThinkPlace with the local community in Africa

What is it like design thinking your way across Africa as a new member of ThinkPlace’s Kenya Studio? Eliot Duffy shares the lessons he’s learned in 2018.


Improving literacy outcomes for children

Improving literacy outcomes for children. Empathy interview. Del Norte County
New Zealand

Focusing on family strengths

New Zealand

Understanding the complexities of being poor

New Zealand
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