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ThinkPlace USA is growing: Welcome Brooke Barker...

ThinkPlace designer Brooke Barker in the field
United States

This will be fun.

It’s a great way of approaching any challenge and it’s a mindset that the newest member of the ThinkPlace USA studio makes her own.

“I take my work seriously but not myself and therefore I aim to approach challenges with a 'this will be fun' attitude and opportunistic outlook,” Brooke Barker says.

ThinkPlace USA is growing. After opening our first American studio in Washington DC earlier this year, we are adding our first American designer to the team.

Exploring Singapore's complex food system through the lens of a single dish - Nasi Lemak

Singapore Design Week 2019 ThinkPlace

At ThinkPlace Singapore we work with partners in government, NGOs and the private sector to create a better world, a better community and a better life for people in our region.

So you want to be an entrepreneur?

Start-Up entrepreneur board game
New Zealand

You’ve honed your pitch. Seen every episode of Shark Tank. Read every word of Steve Jobs’ biography. 

What do you do next? 

If you’re a young person in New Zealand’s capital there’s finally an answer to that question. 

Why we're transforming our studio into a languages classroom

ThinkPlace Kenya staff take Swahili lessons in the Nairobi design studio

It’s Thursday afternoon in the ThinkPlace Kenya studio in Nairobi and school is in session. 

Designers sit, all eyes on the teacher, as he runs through verb conjugation and sentence construction in French. 

Design researcher from the Global South? We want to hear from you

conference logo
United States

At ThinkPlace we work all over the world every day, using the power and tools of design thinking to tackle some of the globe’s most complex challenges.

And we are not just believers in the power of great design to change the world, we are also advocates for building up design capability worldwide.

A year of rapid change and growing impact: ThinkPlace and Africa 2018 and beyond

Eliot Duffy in Africa

In many ways Africa and its people are going through a period of dynamic transformation and rapid growth.

And we are growing alongside them.

The impact, scope and size of ThinkPlace Kenya has tripled in the last 12 months.

From our base in Nairobi we have worked across the continent and beyond with amazing partners and global leaders in areas like public health and international development.

We’re developing new methodologies and implementing innovative ways to drive the adoption of positive services, products and behaviours.

Recognition for a bold plan to rethink global humanitarianism...

A refugee boy
United States

ThinkPlace has won a major award from the Boston-based Design Management Institute for an ambitious project that uses design thinking to reimagine the global humanitarian system.

The Design Value Award, shared with client the Overseas Development Institute, was presented at a ceremony in Boston. Design Value Awards, recognise teams who have delivered significant value through design or design management practices.

A new home at ThinkPlace for an extraordinary social change maker.

Danielle Del Cortivo

If you set out to achieve something truly ambitious in the world but life and its many challenges kept getting in the way, how long would you keep going? Refusing to quit?

A year? Two years?

How about nine?

That is the remarkable story behind ThinkPlace’s newest recruit to its Canberra Design Studio: Danielle Dal Cortivo.

A visit to the barbershop could save lives in Côte D'Ivoire

A barbershop in Cote D'Ivoire


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