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Design-led collective impact

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When malnutrition meets fasting: Community labs making change in Ethiopia

Malnutrition Fasting Ethiopia Community Labs ThinkPlace



ሰውን ለመርዳት ሰው መሆን በቂ ነው።

It’s enough to be human to help humans.

The only prerequisite to helping humans is being human yourself.

ThinkPlace is the Social Change Maker of the Year

The ThinkPlace team
United States

At ThinkPlace we exist to make social change. It's what we do.

So it was a huge thrill to be awarded a Telstra Australian Business Award in the Social Change Maker category.

The award - at the ACT Finals - means ThinkPlace now progesses to the national awards finals in Melbourne in September.

Competition is tough for the nation's most prestigious business awards. Across Australia, 10,000 businesses entered the 2018 awards.

Entries in the ACT alone rose by 82 per cent.

Design thinking is changing the way these high school students learn

It's your move

At ThinkPlace we are witness every day to the power of design thinking to drive creative approaches that help tackle some of the world's most complex problems.

But even we have been surprised by the amazing transformations that have been made possible by introducing these ideas into the school curriculum.

Everybody's trying to innovate. Here's how to do it with purpose...

Light bulbs

At ThinkPlace we strive to be innovators. We never want to do things tomorrow the same way we did them yesterday.

But we do so as a company with a declared purpose. We design for a better world, in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

And we do it collaboratively, as design-partners with the people who will be affected by the change we seek to bring.

What if communicating with your local council was... fun?

People enjoy the symposium


How connected are you with your local council? And how much time would you be prepared to put aside from your next weekend to help them prepare their 10-year strategic plan?

For most of us the answers are probably “not much” and… “even less than not much.”

And that’s a massive design challenge.

It’s a challenge that Willoughby Council, in Sydney’s Northern suburbs, was recently grappling with as they prepared to draft a new Community Strategic Plan that would oversee their activities for the coming decade.

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