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Design for policy

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Using foresight to shape the future

Telescope looking at mountains in the distance

You have probably heard that we cannot predict the future, but we can invent it. There is truth to this. Certainly, we are unlikely to get to where we want to go if we passively accept what comes.

But our environment is complex. An equally unsuccessful strategy is to take a single “big bang” action and expect it to have the effect we hoped for. The world rarely moves in a straight line from the known present to our planned future.

Design in the Public Sector is on the map

Design in the public sector map shows location of organisations using design to improve public services

Public sector work is becoming more complex and challenging. We see increased disillusionment with democracy and distrust of public institutions. Governments are facing wicked challenges—climate change, terrorism, a global refugee crisis—often with tightening budgets.

In this environment, we need new approaches to public services, policies and institutions. We need methods that work with limited resources and invite citizens to be part of solutions. Design thinking is one method that offers a way to make sense of complex public sector challenges.

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