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Redesigning complex systems

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Want to make your business customer-centric? Try origami...

Business Origami ThinkPlace with SAPN

Remember being a kid, grabbing a piece of paper and folding and turning until you looked at (what you sincerely hoped) was an approximation of a crane or aeroplane?

There’s something about the tactile nature of creating a model in three dimensions that our human brains really enjoy. It makes us engage differently with a problem, giving a spatial dimension to the way we conceive the relationships between people and things.

Understanding complexity for a (Ful)bright future...

Stanford University
United States

At ThinkPlace we specialise in using design thinking and a design-led methodology to tackle the kind of problems that emerge in the complex systems that we live in as humans today. 

Helping create the next generation of Kiwi entrepreneurs...

Cassandra Ong
New Zealand

For the students at Victoria University of Wellington business school it was a crash course in the skills they will need to thrive, innovate and prosper in their future careers.

Designing in complex systems

Designing in complex systems

When we design in complex contexts the risk of failure goes up significantly compared with more straightforward contexts. 

If we are designing a chair there is a risk of failure but most of the drivers of failure are within the designer’s control. The designer can influence the function and the form of the chair. 

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