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Strategy and policy design

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Those most affected have a say in improving the National Disability Insurance Scheme

Workshop participants

Diversity of perspectives increases confidence in environmental regulation

A wildflower, representing an example of Australia's biodiversity

Designing agile organisations

Traditional organisations are based on a hierarchical silo structure

Organisations are increasingly seeking to re-deploy their people to higher priority work. They are looking for productivity improvements to get more from their organisation’s resources. They suspect they have resources locked up in their existing structures and that they are not organised optimally. Some teams are over-stretched while others have spare capacity or are working on lower priorities. Organisations also know that a restructure will just substitute one sub-optimal arrangement for another. So what can they do?

Focus on client promotes fairer legal representation

Law books

Transforming how Defence buys and maintains equipment

Transforming the way Defence buys and maintains equipment

Fighting global crime at its source

International Australian Federal Police operations

Improving the business models of the world's newest health start-ups

Merck Digital Accelerators Start Ups Design Thinking

A new approach to global challenges: the power of divergent thinking

Innovation through divergent thinking

Picture your typical global summit with multiple stakeholders.

A fixed seating arrangement at a large, boardroom style table.  

Attendees arriving in formal attire, with fixed perspectives that represent their country or organisation.  

A strict agenda, ensuring a decision is made in a timely manner.  

Highly ordered and stage managed, the meeting is not expected to discover something new. Discussion is intended to close towards a solution selected from a few predictable options.  

Helping employers achieve workplace gender equality

Image of area of tabletop with markers and sticky notes and part of a page titled "WGEA Digital Roadmap"

Energising AUSTRAC’s contribution and working with a new CEO

Energising AUSTRAC’s contribution and working with a new CEO


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