Regenerative Design

The world is facing an unprecedented shift with global commitments by governments and industry to decarbonise, address inequities and reimagine ecological rebalancing. The nature of how this will work is based on sophisticated collaborations that can decide on the right course of action and commit to implementation.

How ThinkPlace can help

  • Mindset change, this involves analysing the worldviews, culture and behaviours within an industry, a community and or an organisation and delivering culture change programs, mentoring and learning journey models.
  • ESG Planning and strategy, co-designing with key stakeholders social, environmental and governance strategy and planning.
  • Designing regenerative products and services, this includes redesigning organisations and supply chains to be regenerative.
  • Transition Design, development of just transition implementation plans and establishing implementation partnerships.
  • Measurement and assurance of social, environmental and governance commitments enabling communication and reporting.
  • Community engagement and education, engaging with communities to raise awareness about regenerative design and its benefits, and to gather feedback on proposed regenerative design projects.

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