Ben Harris-Finnigan

Senior Designer | Kaitātai Tōmua
New Zealand

Remember that time you walked away from a business or public service surprised and delighted about how well things went, about how easy it was to get your job done? Ben is passionate about creating this event, first understanding human experiences and then exploring how they can be improved. Ben is a qualitative researcher, UX designer, service designer, and systems thinker.

Ben has successfully led niche through to city-wide qualitative studies delivering insight into people’s values, motivations and behaviours, enabling decisions that are responsive to deep-set needs. He’s designed “Wow, that was easy” websites, engaging strategies, and systems that knock weeks off waiting times.

Ben has a bachelor’s degree in graphic design and a master’s degree in design research. He has been described as a grafter in the traditional sense of the word, someone who digs deeper to find a better way.