Georgina Cook

Executive Designer

Georgina has a multi-disciplinary background covering change management, stakeholder engagement and strategic planning. Georgina’s previous experience has been dominated by time spent in corporate sustainability, working and leading projects on NetZero strategy, circular economy, waste management, carbon offset procurement, environmental education, through to reconciliation action planning and charity partnerships. She has also worked in social Impact consulting, and energy policy.

Georgina has completed a bachelor’s degree in politics, economics and social sciences, majoring in political economy and philosophy. This has deepened her ability to critically analyse the way things work and the structures that govern society. As well as amplifying an already key personality trait to always question things, by bolstering her competency in the way she asks (of herself and others) the equally simple and complex question “why?”. During her time at university Georgina discovered a deep passion for helping the environment, human health, and protecting women in poverty. These three drivers where the catalyst for Georgina starting work in sustainability because of a firm belief that once we learn to manage resources effectively and live in equilibrium with the natural world things will start to self-correct and we will be better placed to solve all the other problems humans face.