Nadia Razzaq


Nadia is an experienced producer who will ensure all engagements with stakeholders and community run smoothly.

Nadia is a Producer within the Digital Transformation practice at ThinkPlace. Her strong detail orientated skills include project management, coordination and reporting are essentials for the success of a Producer. Nadia provides project quality assurance by identifying risks, gaps, and ensuring quality and consistency which assures successful project delivery, accurate budget, and resourcing from the lead stage. With Nadia being part of your team, your project will have a healthy life cycle through to completion with consistent communication and the knowledge that it is under meticulous control.

Driven, detailed and positive in her work, Nadia provides a strong foundation for success through the entirety of a project. Nadia has an engaging, optimistic style and is a confident communicator which creates healthy and strong relationships with stakeholders when dealing with complex challenges
Nadia has a deep and genuine goal to change the narrative on ethnic minority groups and hopes to be part of a system that creates equal opportunities for all, despite socio-economic backgrounds