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A deep dive: Engaging with community on Norfolk Island

ThinkPlace designers Cybelle Ledez and Wai Ko on Norfolk Island

Harnessing delight to create the city of tomorrow

ThinkPlace and Daily Tous les Jours public engagement installation Museum of Possibilities

What kind of future city do you want to live in?

Has the government where you live ever tried to ask you?

Even if they have, it probably fell on deaf ears. We know that traditional engagement practices often fail to generate enthusiasm.

Fill out a survey. Attend a focus group. Yawn, Snooze.

What if we fired up your imagination instead? What if we made it fun?

Everybody in government is doing engagement. Here's how we can do it better

United States

Across all levels of government there is one process baked into the processes of policy and service design that is more or less inescapable.

Public engagement.

Throughout the public (and private) sector there has long been a realisation that making change to complex systems without involving or at least consulting those who will be affected is not a great recipe for successful implementation.

But for all the awareness around the need to “engage” citizens there has been surprisingly little progress made in the methods for effectively doing so.

Designing the future city with the citizens who will live in it

Bridges in Canberra

What kind of city do you want to live in?

How sustainable will it be? What kind of transport will it offer? And how will it balance sometimes-competing needs like economic growth and social inclusion?

Most importantly: How much say should YOU have in the answers to all of these questions?

They are questions that many governments – including the ACT Government – must grapple with as they go about the process of shaping plans and strategies for the future of their cities.

What if communicating with your local council was... fun?

People enjoy the symposium


How connected are you with your local council? And how much time would you be prepared to put aside from your next weekend to help them prepare their 10-year strategic plan?

For most of us the answers are probably “not much” and… “even less than not much.”

And that’s a massive design challenge.

It’s a challenge that Willoughby Council, in Sydney’s Northern suburbs, was recently grappling with as they prepared to draft a new Community Strategic Plan that would oversee their activities for the coming decade.

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