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Making the right call under pressure (tennis lessons for design thinkers)

ThinkPlace designer Susan Atkinson at the tennis

In high performance culture the difference between success and failure can be a fine line.

Around five centimetres to be exact.

That’s the width of the lines at Melbourne Park where ThinkPlace Senior Executive Designer and Australian Open Grand Slam line judge Susan Atkinson is currently spending her days and nights.

Towards a new approach for tackling family violence...

ThinkPlace designers at the COAG summit

The words used by the Department of the Prime Minster and Cabinet to describe the nature of the problem say so much.

“The prevalence of domestic and family violence and sexual assault in Australia is alarmingly high,” the department’s website says.

“The National Plan recognizes that violence against women and their children is a complex problem that requires a long-term plan for action.”

Fighting global crime at its source

International Australian Federal Police operations
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