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ThinkPlace delivers bespoke training for the APSC

Bespoke education for Australia's public sector leaders

For government, and for citizens, the world is changing rapidly. We live in an era characterised by rapid digital transformation. In this context, the nature of what government ‘could do’ is in danger of outpacing questions around what it ‘should do’. 

Questions of how to deliver most efficiently for service users must be balanced with strategic intent at organisation level as well as public concerns about privacy and other ethical questions.  

For government departments and agencies there is a clear need for leaders who understand these challenges and who have the tools and mindsets need to flourish in this context.  

And for citizens, who rely on government to meet their needs and protect their interests, it is vital that present and future public sector leaders are up to the challenge. 



Within this context, the Australian Government established the Building Digital Capability Program to transform the way it delivers services to citizens, businesses and other users.  

As part of this program the  Centre for Leadership and Learning a t APSC engaged ThinkPlace to develop and deliver an executive leadership development program. This ‘Leading Digital Transformation Program’ was needed to position SES to lead digital transformation in their agencies, and across the wider public sector. 

The APSC sought ThinkPlace’s curriculum development and subject matter expertise to develop existing program learning standards into an engaging course complete with knowledge, practical activities and course materials.  

APSC also required an initial program pilot, the learnings of which would then be used to iterate and deliver the program to 12 additional SES cohorts. 


ThinkPlace partner Darren Menachemson delivers training for the APSC



ThinkPlace partnered with Adapt2Digital to deliver three services including a digital mindset assessment, a one day workshop and the curriculum review and design.  

Key stakeholders from APSC and DTA worked closely with ThinkPlace to co-design the approach for the review of existing curriculum material.  

Over a three-week series of intensive agile sprints, the core design team deployed a Digital Leadership pre-course assessment tool and then curated and reviewed pilot self-directed learning materials on Canvas (an online Learning Management System). 

They also developed course workbooks, guide slides and course materials from both the Context Day workshop and a 3 day Digital Leadership Immersion workshop.  


ThinkPlace program framework for APSC



Key project activities included: 

  • Conducting an assessment of course learning outcomes against Bloom Taxonomy, as well as a gap analysis of the self-directed learning framework 

  • Development and facilitation of Context Day (including materials and facilitation) 

  • Creating materials in support of the Digital Leadership Immersive 3 day course 

  • Producing 10 modules of curated content with associated learning outcomes, then engaging participants 



This work has created a program that unlocks untapped potential within the APS to accelerate the digital transformation agenda. It showcases the ability of ThinkPlace to create bespoke learning experiences that draw on deep expertise, purposeful collaboration and an understanding of the needs and context for public sector leaders. 

The program consists of four key areas: a training marketplace; talent attraction; talent retention; and culture. Senior Executives who participate in the Leading Digital Transformation Program are inspired to transform their agencies by building and leveraging digital teams and driving a progressive digital cultures. 

Ultimately, the program supports the transformation of government services to be simpler, clearer and faster for citizens, businesses, and internal users. SES-level leaders are equipped to identify potential barriers and ways to overcome them, and learn how to motivate teams to create easy-to-use digital services for citizens. 




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