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Motivating community health workers in Ghana

Maternal and infant mortality is alarmingly high in Ghana, with an estimated 451 maternal deaths per 100,000 live births and 53 infant deaths per 1000 live births. The Government of Ghana has shown strong commitment to reducing these preventable deaths, including establishing community-level facilities to bring basic maternity care closer to families, particularly in rural areas.
Grameen Foundation and Concern Worldwide
Research insights, Digital
Public health
Project Team
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Early research suggests low motivation among rural health workers and shortfalls in the quality of care they provide, due to a lack of professional development and advancement opportunities and inadequate supportive supervision. More needed to be known about health workers’ needs and motivations that impact quality of care, and the potential for mobile technology to address them.

ThinkPlace partnered with Grameen Foundation and Concern Worldwide to design and prototype mobile tools to target low motivation amongst 100 community health workers within the Ghana Health Service in the Greater Accra and Volta region.

Through extensive research with community health workers and a series of co-design workshops, our team designed a mobile tool to help health workers have a better experience of work and improved performance, by raising their motivation and commitment to professional standards and performance.

The final design - the CHN ‘on-the-go’ app - included clinical decision support, professional development, peer networking and mobile supervision. The prototype we developed and guide for developers gave CHN the vital ingredients for making community health workers feel supported and inspired.

<p>ThinkPlace won the 2015 Design Value Award for this work from the Design Management Institute.</p>