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Welcome to the ThinkPlace podcast, Design for a Better World.

The world we live in is complex. It throws up complex challenges, like poverty, climate change and global malnutrition.

Action can feel impossible. Problems seem intractable.

Neither is true.

We'll introduce you to the passionate change-makers who are driving innovation around the world, using their brilliant creativity to design and pursue better futures for all.

ThinkPlace podcast Design for a Better Future

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Episode 1 -  How a Harvard physicist is taking on the big social problems

Fawwaz Habbal is a world-leading physicist and Dean of the Engineering School at Harvard University. Together with ThinkPlace Founding Partner John Body he's turning his attention to a new class of social challenges: Gridlock problems.


Episode 2 -  How new forms of collaboration can tackle gridlock problems

Gridlock problems are those where everybody wants to act but nobody feels able to. So how can we go about making change in areas like climate change or global malnutrition? Here are some big new ideas.


Episode 3 -  Why we should all learn to innovate like teenagers

Why are young people better at innovation than adults? And how might we all learn to innovate a more like the younger members of our societies? Join innovation leader Dr David Ireland to discuss how we can harness the innovation superpowers of the young.


Episode 4 -  Redesigning ageing for the 100-year life

Dr Claire Craig from the UK's Lab4Living is leading an ambitious push to use design thinking to completely rethink how we approach the challenge and opportunity posed by ageing populations.