Social and Behaviour Change

ThinkPlace’s social and behaviour change (SBC) practice is committed to transforming human behaviour by thoroughly understanding what drives it. By deploying interventions and tactics that draw on psychology and behavioural economics, we design targeted, effective behavioural design methodologies that aim to shift behaviours in a constructive and sustainable way.

How we can help

  • Behavioural research to uncover deep insights about the drivers of human behaviour, including what triggers and cues will be most influential towards positive behavioural shifts
  • Behaviour change strategy to form a clear, comprehensive roadmap for evidence-based decision-making and designing effective behavioural interventions at organisational, community, national and global levels
  • Intervention design and testing to deliver bespoke behavioural nudges for your context and stakeholders, including rapid design, testing and evaluation, and then implementation at scale
  • Social and behaviour change communications (SBCC) to promote a change in attitudes, beliefs, behaviours and norms
  • Social norm change that is authentically community-led, targeting shifts in social expectations and leveraging context-specific tactics for behaviour change

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