Gender & Social Inclusion​

We know that development programs and initiatives are only truly successful if they’re considerate of an outcome’s impact on all people. We are only as successful as our outcomes are inclusive, taking into consideration the intersectionality and multi-dimensionality of every individual. Cultural values and interests differ across the globe, so while encouraging the transition to inclusive policies, we also need to uphold the capacity to work sensitively alongside community values.

What we do:

  • Research and data collection to assess the real-world impact of political or organisational policies, and inform evidence-based decisions
  • Gender-transformative approaches that seek to fundamentally shift harmful norms and destructive gender-based practices
  • Rights-based approaches that emphasise empowerment and equal participation, including celebrating the talents and skills of persons with disabilities
  • Community engagement to challenge gender disparities and norms, promote equality, and support marginalised groups
  • Help organisations embrace inclusivity by aligning policies and practises with diverse cultural values

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