Health & Wellbeing

Access to quality, reliable, and affordable healthcare is crucial to a thriving community.

Globally, health disparities make this access an issue; poverty, healthcare infrastructure, education and awareness, cultural factors, and political turbulence are just some of the factors that can impact a person’s access to quality healthcare.

Ensuring a great quality of life for people across the globe takes everything from better education around healthy lifestyle choices to inclusive disability services, sexual and reproductive health support, proactive disease prevention, and maternal and newborn support systems.

At ThinkPlace, we help build healthier communities through human-centred design.

What we do:

  • Help streamline and alleviate supply and demand health challenges
  • Drive the uptake of new products, services and positive health behaviours
  • Create and improve health services and experiences to become more patient-centric and scalable
  • Understand and design at the intersection of health and other critical areas such as climate, gender, and social inclusion

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