Making progress on our world’s biggest challenges will not be possible without innovative approaches and step changes. Incremental improvements and innovation theatre won’t achieve what organisations need. Instead, results-orientated methods are required.

ThinkPlace practices outcomes-focused innovation, customised to your unique organisational needs, in order to turn your most complex challenges into tomorrow’s opportunities.

How ThinkPlace can help

Innovation strategy and portfolio assessment , ensuring you have a balanced portfolio of innovations and the proper allocation of resources to achieve your strategic goals.

New venture creation , launching new ventures in market to explore nascent opportunities.

Rapid prototyping and testing , using design sprints and other methods of rapid prototyping of early concepts in market.

Consumer insights for innovation , deeply understanding your consumers and markets to make strategic decisions and innovate

Organic growth strategy , building from the market, your current capabilities and your strategic goals to identify and pursue opportunities for growth.

Value proposition design , designing organisational and service value propositions that provide a differentiator in market.

Open Innovation processes , helping you crowdsource solutions to your biggest problems from the whole organisation or the broader public.

Social innovation and entrepreneurship , using innovation processes and methods to achieve social and community outcomes.

Innovation culture and capability building , innovation culture assessments and training for teams and leaders to build the necessary environment for innovation.

Case studies

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Designing for improved sexual health in Mozambique
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Insights for a
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Designing for ‘nature-inspired welfare’ and ‘welfare-inspired nature’
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