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Introducing CIPI: Our new community for change makers...

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How many times have you heard it?

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This is not that.

ThinkPlace is really excited to be launching CIPI: The Community for Innovation and Public Impact. And we would love you to be a part of it.

Never stop moving: Why public sector innovation labs matter...

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Everybody says they are doing it (or at least would like to be). But – especially in a government context – what does it really mean?

In recent years a slew of public sector innovation labs has been founded across Australia and New Zealand (as well as many other parts of the world).

Eight strategies for experimenting within government...

A science experiment
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Innovation, by definition, involves pushing beyond the status quo to try something new.

That’s why innovating is so hard. And if it’s hard for everybody, innovation can be especially difficult for government.

For the government, intervening in the complex system that is our society always brings an element of the unknown, the risk of unintended consequences.

Innovation multiplies that uncertainty further.

Saving the world won't be easy (but we can do it).

Planet earth
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They are 17 goals that promise to transform the world, ensuring the future prosperity of both people and planet. Ending poverty, inequality and hunger. Tackling climate change and creating sustainable prosperity and strong civic institutions.

It all sounds pretty big.

But, perhaps improbably, the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (and the challenge they represent for the world) are bigger even than most of us have so far realised.

The top three lessons from our award-winning design project for schools

Kerstin Oberprieler with her German Design Award

ThinkPlacer Kerstin Oberprieler recently travelled to Frankfurt where ThinkPlace won a German Design Award for Excellent Communications Design. Basically, it's a pretty big deal.

So what, exactly, is it all about?

And what are the three key lessons learned from this successful project?

Co-design capability boosts innovation in a government organisation

Embedding a co-design capability for innovation in a government department

A new approach to global challenges: the power of divergent thinking

Innovation through divergent thinking
United States

Picture your typical global summit with multiple stakeholders.

A fixed seating arrangement at a large, boardroom style table.  

Attendees arriving in formal attire, with fixed perspectives that represent their country or organisation.  

A strict agenda, ensuring a decision is made in a timely manner.  

Highly ordered and stage managed, the meeting is not expected to discover something new. Discussion is intended to close towards a solution selected from a few predictable options.  

Visualising the Australian innovation system

Visualising the Australian innovation system

Evolving elite athletes into the age of data

Evolving elite athletes into the age of data


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