Afnan Kayed

Designer | Kaitātai
New Zealand

Afnan’s mission is to create long-term, positive change for those who are often overlooked, misunderstood, or marginalised. To do this authentically Afnan believes we must listen deeply to the experiences of those that we’re designing with and ensure these experiences are communicated in a way that is compelling and actionable.

This passion ensures that Afnan holds the voice of those affected by change at the forefront, without losing sight of her client’s needs and goals. She sees the big picture and manages the small details of complex workstreams to deliver cohesive experiences, products and content that meet the needs of all stakeholders.

Afnan has experience in service design, co-design, research, and visual design across many topics, including violence prevention with ethnic communities, immigration (around former refugees and migrants), and health and safety in the construction sector. Her work for Westpac’s Access to Banking report received widespread national media coverage and sparked conversation about the social and human rights role of banks. Afnan’s past experience in government has given her an understanding of the aspirations, processes and constraints of the public sector.

Afnan holds a Bachelor of Engineering (First Class Honours) from Massey University, majoring in Engineering and Innovation Management.