Brittany Thurston

Studio Director
United Kingdom

Brittany is passionate about using inclusive design methods to ensure people are heard and included at every step of the process. She believes in the power of bringing together diverse voices, actors, and capabilities to design solutions to the world’s most complicated challenges.

While working on diverse projects, her experience has spanned challenges such as access to sexual and reproductive health, HIV prevention, disability inclusion, gender equity, and equality strategies and interventions in developing contexts and organisational settings.

Most recently, Brittany has represented ThinkPlace in a global consortium for the largest UK government-funded sexual and reproductive health program, where she led multi-country teams across Africa in collaboration with local stakeholders to design community-led approaches to address the barriers of the most hard-to-reach populations.

In addition to leading small to large-scale design projects, she has served as a senior leadership team member for ThinkPlace Kenya, where she led the mentorships and development of internal capability in implementation support and scale-up of design solutions. She has recently relocated to London to set up the ThinkPlace UK studio and explore new opportunities to work with leaders and teams to effect sustainable change.

She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Communications, and Masters in International Development and Global Studies.