Eliot Duffy

Head of Global Ventures

Eliot leads ThinkPlace’s Global Ventures portfolio, with a focus on identifying, developing and launching new business ventures for ThinkPlace around the world. Having served on the executive team of ThinkPlace Kenya, founded ThinkPlace’s studio in Dakar, Senegal, and operated as a consultant in Australia, Africa, and the Asia-Pacific, Eliot brings his global experience in both leadership and consulting to the role.

Eliot believes deeply in the power of design and an action-based approach to research, programme development, and intervention design. He has led a broad suite of projects across the global portfolio, from large multi-country programmes to targeted community-specific interventions. His work has included a particular focus on public health, in areas such as sexual & reproductive health, nutrition, and neglected tropical diseases, as well as other sectoral focuses on peace & security, institutional development, and environmental sustainability. He has worked extensively in Africa, including in Ethiopia, Nigeria, Uganda, Malawi, and many more as well as across the Asia-Pacific, particularly in Papua New Guinea, the Philippines, and others.