Emilio Severi

Business Designer
United Kingdom

Emilio is an accomplished product designer and user researcher specialising in behaviour change and human-centred design, particularly in technology and financial services. With a double diamond approach, he excels in diagnosing and revamping solutions, leveraging a robust background in academic research, workshop facilitation, and branding. Emilio’s philosophy centres on addressing complex global challenges through a diverse and collaborative approach.

Joining ThinkPlace in 2024, Emilio is responsible for human-centred design and behaviour change interventions across sectors, using varied research methodologies such as diaries, surveys, and interviews. He conducts collaborative workshops, redefining challenges and introducing fresh perspectives, followed by applying behaviour change and co-design methodologies to ideate, implement, and test effective solutions. His adaptability and strategic thinking shine in various sectors, from non-profits to insurance firms, evident in revitalising company productivity tools, rapid diagnostics, redesigns, and contributing to a digital design studio’s growth and transformation.

Highly skilled in human-centred design, Emilio ensures solutions align with user and stakeholder needs. His expertise in behavioural design brings new perspectives and redesigns based on behavioural change theory. His branding skills play a pivotal role in repositioning Imperial College London, using innovative concepts like pentomino-shaped chocolates. Additionally, Emilio’s proficiency in prototyping, UX/UI design, workshops, and coding ensures aesthetically pleasing, functional, and user-friendly designs. His knowledge of manufacturing processes enhances bringing design concepts to life. Emilio’s multifaceted skill set positions him as a versatile and impactful force in design and innovation, holding a Masters in Design Engineering from Imperial College London, specialising in behavioural design.