Jacinta Ochoro

Business Designer

Jacinta Ochoro is a business designer who incorporates design thinking always ensuring that the customer is at the center with key focus of profitability. As a business designer she ensures that great business ideas can make your organization coinage and contribute to its growth over time.

Jacinta holds a master’s degree in project planning and management & bachelor’s degree in sociology and psychology. As a designer she has had the opportunity to work across diverse projects offering project research assistance as well as project coordination using human centered design skills. She uses a customer centric approach to design products and services with the aim of assisting with innovation. She has a keen eye of bridging the customers desirability. She thrives on giving new solutions to known problems and then designs ecosystems that deliver and capture value for both your organization and its customers. She brings on board expertise in project planning and management as well as her experience in community programs.

She is an energetic ambitious person who has developed a mature and responsible approach to any task she undertakes, or situation that she presented with. As a designer she has had the opportunity to assist with resourcing of partners needed when it comes to research assistance. She carries out her work ensuring there is clear communication between all stakeholders ensuring that all onboard are up to date with the schedules Jacinta has a background in monitoring and evaluation from the Kenya Institute of management institute ensuring that all projects she is allocated are up to speed with the deliverables being delivered within the correct timelines throughout the projects life. She is social and a team player able to blend in well

Projects covered: Under Life skills promoters Kenya she was part of the  Goal/EU project working as a facilitator equipping children with knowledge on Lifeskills, Child rights and child protection, she also participated as a facilitator in the KYEOP(Kenya youth empowerment opportunity project) and assisted with coordination of the In-depth project an exchange program that sees students from Netherlands come to Kenya to learn the about the African culture, Under Plan international she facilitated on Child rights and child protection in the Eastern parts of Nairobi, Under Population service Kenya she assisted with coordination of various health projects on HIV these were; Jilinde JiPrep ,Viral Load project, HIV Self-testing project and TB Reach project ensuring that the projects ran smoothly. Under I choose Life Africa she often carries out mentorship programs training youth the means and ways of living a credible life , under ThinkPlace Kenya  she has covered projects both in the health and education sector these are:  World Reader: Research among parents, teachers, and young students to identify learning opportunities for increased and improved engagement and interaction. Breakthrough Action Kenya: Behavioral insights research and prototyping about the access barriers to Sexual Reproductive Health, and Primary Health Services of girls and women in Western Kenya.