Jervenne Teo

Senior Designer

Jervenne is a dedicated problem solver and designer, seamlessly integrating physical and digital design to craft impactful user experiences across diverse sectors. With expertise in product, service, visual, and UI/UX design, she spearheads collaborations for innovative solutions in international development, non-profits, governments, and start-ups.

With a background in Industrial Design from the National University of Singapore, Jervenne places the user at the center, bridging diverse voices and fostering collaborative spaces. Specializing in socially driven projects for vulnerable communities, she believes in design as a powerful voice for inclusivity, creating tailored products and services that matter.

Jervenne’s work extends from research to design, education, and training, spanning Singapore and the globe. In Singapore, she actively engages in citizen engagement projects, partnering with government bodies for sensitive research and strategic facilitation. Locally, some notable contributions include redesigning the customer strategy for the Health Promotion Board, implementing a user-first experience for vulnerable court users with the Family Justice Courts, and citizen-centric research and service design projects with various ministries. Internationally, she has led projects in research and design to develop a toolkit for Breakthrough ACTION, impacting women’s reproductive health in the Philippines, designed prototypes for the World Bank to promote peace education in Myanmar, and created tools and strategies for positive WASH behaviors in rural Vietnam. Motivated by her commitment to social impact, Jervenne consistently focuses on creating meaningful impact that drives positive change.

Work and thoughts

Designing for migrant workers in Singapore
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