Kit Lam


Kit’s passion lies in crafting visually engaging narratives, wielding visual communication as a powerful tool to inform, provoke, and inspire. As a creative designer and strategic thinker, she seamlessly intertwines creativity with purpose. Her strategic and curious mindset enables her to uncover human behavior, identify patterns, and connect the dots to devise strategies that precisely align with project objectives. On the creative front, she transforms intricate information into captivating visual stories, enriching design strategies with depth and context.

Prior to joining ThinkPlace, Kit garnered extensive experience in publishing and digital design, earning recognition through multiple awards for her publication designs. She ventured into strategic design within a healthcare technology company, where she adeptly tackled complex communication challenges. Her contributions ranged from devising comprehensive communication strategies for business communications to making an impact with an NGO on women’s and children’s health in rural Indonesia. Her aspiration is to harmoniously blend her visual thinking skills with human-centered design principles to craft solutions that address intricate problems while empathetically meeting user needs.