Nora Hasanan

Senior Designer

Nora stands as a visionary at the intersection of UX design and sociology, weaving together creativity and empathy to craft transformative digital and social experiences. Her interest lies in leveraging the principles of user-centric design to enhance societal wellbeing.

Nora’s journey into UX design unfolded through immersive, hands-on practices that drove her to explore the intricate realm where design, sociology and psychology converge. Intrigued by the desire to bridge the gap between theory and practice, Nora explored the depths of sociology, unravelling the complexities of social interactions that shape our lives. From probing into group dynamics to deciphering cultural influences, Nora equipped herself with a unique lens to perceive the world.

As an empathy-driven designer, Nora believes that comprehending the diversity of human experiences is the key to creating designs that transcend superficial interactions and make a genuine impact. Her work extends beyond mere visual appeal, drawing inspiration from the sociological fabric of communities to ensure they are not only culturally sensitive but also socially impactful.