Pilar Triana

Operations Manager
United States

Pilar Triana is an Operations Assistant at ThinkPlace US, aiding management in financial, compliance, and administrative tasks and assuring everyday operational efficiency.

Pilar in an energetic team member that likes to find simple solutions to complex problems. Her deep interest in entrepreneurship brings fresh and out-of-the-box perspectives to the team with an innate ability to bootstrap her way from idea to implementation in different projects. Pilar has worked at tech startups and large corporations in the aviation, digital and medical industries, taking in a wide range of roles from Strategic Partnerships to Operations. This experience gives her a broad understanding of the business landscape as well as the ability to work under pressure and think of fast solutions in a high paced environment. Her passion about entrepreneurship and digital innovation has led her to start three endeavors and serve as a Digital Transformation and Business Development consultant for several companies.

Pilar believes that innovation is the result of collaboration and creating solid network effects between communities. For her, individualistic solutions are not sustainable nor scalable and lack impact. Because of this, she has a strong conviction in working with highly engaged teams, able to find synergies and spaces to co-create, while developing a shared sense of purpose that has a a tangible impact on strategic choices.

Pilar received her B.A. in Industrial Engineering from Universidad de los Andes in Bogotá, Colombia and her M.Sc. in International Business Management at The Berlin School of Economics and Law in Berlin, Germany.