Richard Amwayi


Richard is a highly knowledgeable qualitative researcher and community mobiliser who comes to ThinkPlace with a wealth of lived experience in urban informal settlements in Kenya. He believes in communities designing solutions for themselves and has been instrumental in designing and implementing interventions across informal settlements in Nairobi.

A long-time resident of Kibera, Richard is entirely self-taught and has learned how to deeply empathise with others and learn from the complexities of their experiences. He instantly connects with people and builds strong relationships that help people to feel comfortable to express their deep seated wants and needs, that would otherwise have gone unheard.

In his three years working with and for ThinkPlace, Richard has helped NGOs and governments to understand smallholder farmers and their financial needs, and the health needs of
low-income communities in urban outposts. He has developed strategies for re-engaging the informal sector in social health insurance and gained insights into fundraising behaviours of communities across Kenya.

Richard is the Creative Director of ’Ghetto Garage’, a local creative co-working space that he and his partners are developing in Kibera to fill the gap of support for creative work among low-income Kenyans. Richard has studied behaviour change communication and creative entrepreneurship.

Work and thoughts

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