Ryan Kober

Client Services Manager
United States

Ryan is deeply passionate about using qualitative research to create sustainable solutions that are rooted in lived experience and empathy. She believes that communities already know what is best for them, and human centered design and design thinking are simply tools that can be used to bring these ideas to fruition.

Ryan trained as a qualitative researcher while getting her Masters Degree in Applied Anthropology from the University of North Texas. She had the opportunity to apply these skills and receive extensive training in human centered design while working as a Collaborative Facilitator developing solutions to address early childhood literacy and community resilience with the Humboldt Area Foundation. She continued to develop her skills in community based research and organizing while working with the North Texas Immigration and Education Table to provide education and legal resources for immigrant community members. While working as the Associate Director for Program Management for AIM-AHEAD, Ryan had the opportunity to merge community based research with artificial intelligence and machine learning to develop initiatives focused on using ethical AI/ML to address health disparity issues across the United States. She is excited to join ThinkPlace West and become a part of a team who is collectively focused on deep learning, empathy, innovation, and equitable representation.