Sethu Nair

Executive Designer

As a Learner, Sethu finds himself to be profoundly interested in most things that come his way—people, stories, spaces or the systems that connect us all. He likes to see life as a golden ticket to adventure through the limitless possibilities of this world and over the last four years, he has journeyed through a range of fields including UI/UX, spatial design, data analysis, marketing, creative education, film, graphic design, game design, product design, installation art, illustration, poetry, liberal arts and photography.

As a Systems Thinker, he enjoys finding patterns by observing the overlapping systems at their micro and macro levels. Mapping the stories around through creative mediums helps him explore systems from a range of different perspectives. He believes that understanding the world as a system of connections where nothing functions in isolation is key to solving the “problems” in our everyday systems.

And as a Service Designer, Sethu would like to create for meaningful impact by working with people, for people.

His top causes are:

  • To engage with fellow humans in creative ways, exploring and exposing the latent potential in them and himself.
  • To facilitate effective communication using service design tools and methodologies.
  • To co-create sustainable, inclusive and scalable interventions for everyday problems by understanding their systemic nature.

Work and thoughts

Designing for Australia’s Seafood Export Program
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Designing the National Student Space Challenge Program
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