Teh Hui Min Rae

Graduate Designer

As a Certified Business Psychologist, Rae is passionate about understanding human behaviour and supporting others in achieving their potential. Therefore, she deeply values the importance of actively listening to the experiences of others and enhancing their experiences through initiating action.

Rae’s journey in design first started from her prior experiences as Digital Communications Lead at a mental health service social enterprise. In attempts to amplify her team’s efforts in effectively connecting their services and expertise to the public, she pursued a Professional Certificate in UX/UI Design. In addition to the graphic and UX/UI design skills she had gained, it sparked other innovative ways design could be used to enhance the organisation’s interaction with their audiences. It also contributed a unique perspective that allowed her to support their leadership team in ensuring the sustainability and success of the organisation’s efforts through strategically designing processes, organisational structures, and business approach.

These experiences piqued her interest in complex problem solving and design in social sectors and drove her to explore the various ways she can contribute to enhancing social impact projects. She looks forward to further exploring and integrating her passions in design and psychology to improve social impacts in Singapore and globally with ThinkPlace.

Rae has a Masters in Psychological Science, Majoring in Business Psychology from James Cook University, Singapore, a Graduate Diploma in Psychology (Advanced) from Monash University, Australia, and an Honors Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Health Sciences from University of Toronto, Canada.