ThinkPlace India, in partnership with Pensaar Design

our purpose

ThinkPlace is partnering with Pensaar Design, a leading force in Bangalore’s strategic design community

ThinkPlace is partnering with Pensaar Design, a leading force in Bangalore’s strategic design community. Pensaar Design have been evangelising human-centred design, customer obsession, and business transformation since 2015. Having worked with everyone from global multinational companies to leading social innovators in India, the partnership opens up new opportunities to unite both ThinkPlace and Pensaar Design’s passion in designing for a better future.

As a thriving metropolis and a hub of innovation, technology, and design in India, Bangalore offers a dynamic environment for creative problem-solving. This unique opportunity brings together the thriving technology community with social impact minded designers willing and able to tackle some of the largest social innovation challenges in India and south Asia more broadly.

ThinkPlace’s partnership with Pensaar Design and the new studio in Bangalore furthers our values and mission to create positive change in the world. Our team of talented designers, researchers, and strategists is dedicated to leveraging local talent and expertise to provide innovative design solutions – whether it be improving user centricity for global development centres, or working with social impact partners to increase health, education, sustainability, and wellbeing of communities.

With this new studio, we aim to further our existing portfolio of global studios projects and bring together ThinkPlace and Pensaar Design’s unique approach and deep understanding of design to clients in India, South Asia, and beyond.  

What we do

A leading hub for digital design

Being situated in one of the world’s largest hubs for global technology services, the ThinkPlace-Pensaar Design partnership will bring together both of our world class capabilities in designing exceptional digital experiences for public, private and non-profit clients. The new studio significantly expands our existing digital capability including design-led approaches to major digital transformations, user research & experience innovation, and digital societal transitions.  

We are also excited to be strengthening our digital capability offering to all global clients, whether you are working with us in Australia, Kenya, or the Philippines – we are able to bring together the digital expertise to your challenge. 

Designing user experiences that work for everyone

ThinkPlace has designed service experiences for client challenges all around the world – from public health access in low-income rural communities through to seamless digital-enabled services for government and private industry. We have seen the deep value in the cross-fertilisation that informs how we go about service design. Bringing together immersive, empathy-led user research, behavioural science and insight generation and rapid prototyping and testing to develop service experiences that work for all sections of our communities.  

Expanding our offering to our local and global partners in India and South Asia offers another exciting opportunity to bring our broad set of experiences, methods, and tools to brilliant new client challenges in the region. 

Bringing our global development expertise to South Asia

 As one of the fastest growing regions in the world, South Asia has seen incredible increases in the quality of life for many of its citizens. Despite significant progress the region still faces many challenges in addressing poverty, inequitable growth, gender discrimination, and limited access to healthcare and education. Bringing the strengths of design to addressing complex social development challenges is critical to who we are at ThinkPlace and we are excited for our new Bangalore studio to be able to build on our previous work in India and Nepal and establish a permanent and local capability.  

The studio is focused on transforming human lives – whether that be through social and behavioural change, co-designing policy reform, or working directly with communities to design interventions that lift wellbeing. We are excited to learn from the unique challenges of the region, as well as bring lessons from our global experience in public health, environmental sustainability, gender equity and rights, and social sector reform.  



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